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During the first appearances, he seems cold-hearted and tough, but in the Monaco Cup Finals, he falls in love with a rival German baker working for the American team, Monica Adenauer, and shows a more tender side of himself.Kyousuke Kawachi (, Kawachi Kysuke ) Co-Worker and sidekick to Azuma, from the Kansai area.He also likes to tease Kawachi, to whom he was apparently very similar in his youth, occasionally to give him ideas on bread, but mostly just for the hell.Attitude towards food edit The entire series demonstrates the Japanese celebratory attitude towards food.Renowned as the best French-bread artisan in Japan, he seems to have arturia prophet v demo a predilection with horses and betting on horse-racing.He is knowledgeable about rice because he lived on a rice farm, and about Japanese food in general due to further learning and dealing with Japanese restaurants.She seems to have a crush on Azuma, though it is never explicitly stated.54-56) for example, Azuma decides to use sea urchins (uni) that is both fresher and in season instead of the citys main specialty, fatty tuna, which is out of season and can only be obtained in its frozen form.Pierre, is bribing judges and pulling out all the stops to win, including trying to kill Team Japan (Azuma, Kawachi and Suwabara) on more than one occasion.Azuma also has "Solar Hands exceptionally warm hands that allow the yeast to ferment faster and better when he is making his bread.Remix Method rimikkuzu h ) After the first leavening, the dough is re-kneaded to produce new gluten and a fluffy, plump bread.However, this ability is best suited to for use in unfermented breads, such as tarts (which use large quantities of butter because low hand temperature will not melt the butter.
During the match in Saito, the doctor who examines Kuroyanagi and pronounces Azumas Team Pantasia the winner explains to cmap that the reason they lost the match was because their bread lacked love like the love that locals put into raising their mangos.

Episode list edit Main article: List of Yakitate!His final reaction to eating Azuma's bread resulted in him transforming into Dhalsim, of which he has not been said to have returned to his original form.Tsukino Azusagawa (, Azusagawa Tsukino ) Granddaughter to the owner of the Pantasia chain, and understudy to Ken Matsushiro.So far, Yukino Azusagawa is the only person in the show who possesses this skill.What began as a pure cooking-themed manga, Yakitate!Initially, he doesn't seem very bright (although he turns out to be a mathematical genius, as seen in the episode where they are trapped in a cave with Pierrot, Episode 40 of the manga) but when it comes to bread, he's a genius.
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Real-world examples of this exist as well such as the introduction of castella from Portugal and ramen from China.