winter sonata episode 10

Thats the end for Jong Mom, who leaves, wondering what kind of daughter she raised.
Manager Kim and Min-hyung are going over the days plans when Kim starts a story about a man and a dog.When she unlocks and enters her apartment, however, her mom is sitting at the dining table.Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart.He runs out to meet her, finally catching up and slowing as Yoo-jin wanders across the snowy landscape.At the worksite, Yoo-jin is working with her boss and Manager Kim when Sang-hyuks mother shows up at the resort.The pair head off a bit for a heart-to-heart talk.Yong-kuk wants her to visit him, but she refuses and hangs.
Boss Jung wonders how Min-hyung is doing; Yoo-jin deflects the question as rhetorical.

Now that Sang-hyuk has shown extreme jealousy and aggressiveness in their relationship, does Yoo-jin really want tennis master 1000 shanghai 2013 to stick around, especially with someone who ignores her requests, whines a lot, and basically tries to railroad her into matrimony?The three of them share an awkward moment when Mom starts asking questions over tea.In the parking lot, Min-hyung sadly drives away.Over coffee, Mom tries to convince her to go see her son in the hospital.Sang-hyuks parents leave that morning, and Manager Kim comments that, even though its snowing, the storms of last night have passed.Outside Sang-hyuks hospital room, she pauses before going.Then he does a complete turnaround and begs her to stay is he faking it?