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New in VS 11 : LightSwitch, new in VS 11 : Model Resource Viewer, new in VS 11 : Blend for Visual Studio.
Comments, add a Solution, add your solution here,.Paste as, strip html, encode html, paste as-is.I expect there to be a lot of information coming out over the next few weeks (and months) covering the various features in the updated tools.New in VS 11 : Project Solution Compatibility with Visual Studio 2010 SP1.Visual Studio 11 Features Chart provided by Microsoft: If you would like to compare the above features with Visual Studio 2010, then check out the.Comments, you can try this way 'convert' the solution file to change the line containing Visual Studio 2010' to Visual Studio 2012' in the.SLN file.Just jump by one version if possible.Open VS2008 files with VS2012) but this is a bit buggy.Add a Solution, comments 13-Sep-13 5:54am.Advertise, privacy, web04.8.170813.1 Last Updated Copyright, codeProject, all Rights Reserved.The content must be at least 30 characters.It has been published to the visual studio gallery at the following location: Visual Studio Gallery.Visual Studio 2010 Comparison chart: The following list summarizes most of the differences between the 2010 and Beta editions (its not a complete comparison). .If a question is poorly phrased then either ask for clarification, ignore it, or edit the question and fix the problem.
The version mismatch will be detected by VS2012 and any necessary conversion(s) done by the compiler.
If you are curious about whats included in each of the Visual Studio 11 beta editions, then take a look at the.

Understand that English isn't everyone's first language so be lenient of bad spelling and grammar.Modified : Profiling now available for Professional SKU.Keep in mind that Visual Studio 11 is still in beta so the features could potentially move around a bit by the time the final version ships: Debugging and Diagnostics, new in VS 11 : IntelliTrace in Production, escan antivirus update file 2013 new in VS 11 : Graphics Debugging.New in VS 11 : Windows 8 Metro Style Simulator.Preview 0, i have read and agree to the.Database Development, not currently document for Visual Studio 11 Beta Development Platform Support New in VS 11 : Windows Metro style Application (including ARM) Development Architecture and Modeling New in VS 11 : Progressive Reveal Standard Graphs Modified : Read-Only Diagrams (UML, Layer, and dgml.Project Description, this visual studio extension utilizes the Team Foundation Server Power Tools December 2011 Build Definition Diff feature.This content, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under.