vampire diaries episode 11 season 5

She leaves, leaving behind Stefan and Elena.
Feature music edit In the "500 Years of Solitude" episode we can hear the songs: 1 Reception edit Ratings edit In its original American broadcast, "500 Years of Solitude" was watched.72 million; up.28 from the previous episode.
Instead they update smadav juli 2012 go old school and feature pretty much every important character from the first four seasons focusing on the life and times of Katherine Pierce as she lies on her death bed." 5 Ashley Dominique of Geeked Out Nation fave an A- one piece grand battle 3 gamecube rate.He tells her that it is her fault that her family was killed and he also makes her see aunt Jenna ( Sara Canning ) and John Gilbert ( David Anders ).Stefan and Damon, before they join the rest at the living room, they have a brother-to-brother talk at the roof where Stephan asks Damon not to give up on Elena and try his best to get her back.On their way there, Nadia tells them her plan of how she will save Katherine.S5 E17 Rescue Me, in order to keep Stefan from being harmed by Sloan and the Travelers, Caroline and Enzo agree.Remember: Abuse of the m image system may result in you being banned from uploading images or from the entire site so, play nice and respect the rules!If they want to find him they should help her."In a season that has felt less focused than others, The Vampire Diaries' 100th episode stood out as a fitting and appreciated tribute to the show's history and all that has occurred.When they reach the abandoned house, they find many travelers there and Nadia tells Elena and Stefan that the travelers asked for the doppelgangers but she does not know what for."The Vampire Diaries season 5 episode 11 review: 500 Years Of Solitude"."The Vampire Diaries.11 Review "500 Years of Solitude".Stefan encourages Damon to get Elena back.Julie Plec Caroline Dries and directed by, chris Grismer.
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S5 E13 Total Eclipse of the Heart, hoping to help everyone move past recent traumatic events, Caroline convinces Elena and Bonnie.

Stephan walks in asking what happened and Damon informs him that he was messing with Katherine's mind all day.While waiting, Bonnie answers to Matt's question that as the anchor to the other side she sees lots of people including Vicki who appears to tell him via Bonnie that he loves him and always watching over him."The Vampire Diaries Review: Tricks of the Traveler".Vampire Diaries' recap: Can Katherine survive '500 Years of Solitude'?".When they deny to help her, she says that she imagined what their answer would be and that's why she has buried Matt somewhere alive and she took his daylight ring.Wes gives Katherine some.Tyler also comes back, making Caroline upset after the moment she had with Klaus in the woods.