total drama revenge of the island episode 6

Now its Jan-dis turn to tend to Ji-hoo; she watches over him and, thinking hes linkedin hacked password list asleep, raises a hand to his cheek.
Madam Kang shows him photos of Jun-pyo with Jan-di (and how the hell did she get a camera inside Jan-dis apartment showing them eating ramen together?).
After her departure, Woo-bin tells Jan-di not to take her words to heart shes like that with everyone.Ga-eul steps out to the ladies room, and hesitates for a long moment over whether to return to the table.She decides to leave, not seeing Yi-jung until he calls out to her, If this is menu editor pro wordpress enough to send you running, you shouldnt have asked for the date in the first place.Unable to find Ji-hoo, Jan-di waits for him outside his house.She claims her winnings by dragging Jun-pyo around for the day.Ji-hoo says, without turning to face him: You should have said that fifteen years ago.Its a sad moment, although she hurries to gloss over the silence by forcing a smile and asking her question.Jan-di asks cautiously what the reason for the visit is and while shes not rude, she doesnt grovel in the way Madam Kang probably expects from everyone.Ga-eul, meanwhile, is putting in some extra time at her pottery class.At his hesitation, Jan-di guesses that he doesnt want to run into his grandfather and assures him that hes already left for the day.No, theyre not the same songs, but a couple of them sound familiar.).Its got to be particularly traumatizing, since not only was he orphaned, hed been forsaken by the one person he had left, whom he had depended.See more (Spoiler Alert!) ยป.I dont actually think the new songs in this second half are any better than the songs in the first half (and theyre just as inappropriately used).Jan-di runs outside into the rain, knowing that Ji-hoo has taken off on foot because his motorcycle is still parked out front.I appreciated that his answer in the Truth Game came immediately he doesnt even have to think about it because the truth is so defined in his mind.
However, if s/he doesnt want to answer, that person has to give up something to the asker.
Id wondered whether she was asking him to choose between friendship and love because she recognized that Jan-di had fully occupied the slot for love in Jun-pyos heart, relegating Jae-kyung to friendship.

Or maybe he really means lowlight.Grandpa tells him, Its not your fault.Kang-san has an upbeat attitude and tries to talk like this is a great thing, that hes lucky and looking forward to joining their parents.Good thing, too, since shes there to catch him (literally!) when he staggers home in a daze and collapses on top of her, exhausted both physically and mentally.She shouts back, No!Looking around, Ji-hoo finds that hes unexpectedly affected at the sight of old family photos, which unleash a flood of memories of a happier childhood and a formerly loving relationship with his grandfather.
Previous interactions aside, in this episode Jun-pyo makes it very clear that he has only ever wanted Jan-di, and that he is absolutely not giving.
Everyone comes out to see the latest visitor, stopping short at the sight of Madam Kangs posse.