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Periodically returning to your apartment - your base of operations - to eat some food and get some rest.
Doom resurrects some of the best bits of 90s shootersthe blazing pace, the over-the-top weaponryand adds in a satisfying high-reward melee system that rewards getting up close and personal with the ugly hellspawn.
Stasis See larger image Alan Wake Alan Wake is one part Stephen King novel, one part Twin Peaks, and one part Twilight Zone episodein other words, it's a horror fan's dream.Enemy Zero, the little-played early survival horror game.Characters are frozen in place with fear, their only weapon against soul-stealing ghosts is an ancient camera.How is this not #1?!It's packed with winks to the slasher genre, and you'll still love the ridiculous twists even if you see them coming from a mile away.The game gives a sense of insecurity which isn't given with most horror games.System Shock 2 is legendary due both to the atmosphere of the starship Von Braun and the quality of its writing.And if you already played and enjoyed the base Outlast game, be sure to check out the Whistleblower DLC released last year.Bloodborne is the best of the lot, a sprawling, mysterious tale of eldritch horror set in a twisted nightmare vision of Victorian Europe.Scared the hell out of me when I Played it first time.Leon Kennedy's adventures in gunplay are rightly famous, the feedback-heavy combat making every situation a shaky joy.14 Slender: The Eight Pages This game so scary you walk in the dark with only a flashlight and a camera trying to find 8 pages that are hidden in the woods while being stalked AND hunted ball MAN iuit AND TIE named Slender and.Often, you will see Bonnie at your door when you are flashing your lights, trying to see if any animatronic is there.Probably by hitting those surroundings (read: psychopaths) with a pipe.The game's a bit on the short side, but the atmosphere is fantastic, and there's no better way to feel vulnerable than to inhabit the body of a toddler.
Attempt it if you dare, but know this: to play Amnesia is to stare your greatest fears straight in the face.
It looks beautiful, as we mentioned in our Resident Evil HD review, and you can play without tank controls, which is (sort of) a relief.

Hell it's the best, must be number one.Condemned is damn terrifying.All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.Resident Evil HD System Shock 2 Before BioShock there was System Shock.Fearful, v 9 Comments.Slideshow, don't be ashamed to curl up in a ball in the corner.
Creeping monstrosities scrape down barely-lit corridors, the world seems to shift around you, and you can never quite trust that your surgical-masked protagonist is the good guy.
This story of a painter-gone-crazy has some hammy sections and a few too many cheesy jump scares, but its quieter moments are masterful psychological horror. .