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Master the art of play doh cake maker recall controlling the forces of nature and prove your right to come to the throne!
Fire-up those brain-cells, flex those mental muscles, and improve your concentration with hidden object games!
Solve mind-boggling Japanese puzzles and celebrate.Help Elisa become the rightful successor to the throne of a magical realm!Reign victorious over a malevolent wizard and restore a devastated magical land!Seize a thief and return the scepter of Zeus back to its lawful proprietor!Go on a fascinating tour through some of the most beautiful sights of Asia!Rescue a princess from the captivity of evil forces and rebuild the magical Kingdom of Lorraine!Foster friendship between mankind and dragons and ensure the prosperity of the kingdom!The object of our games might be hidden, but at m youll quickly find thousands of exciting hidden object games that catch your eye.Hidden object games are a fantastic way to tease the mind and get those little grey cells working.Get inspired by romantic puzzles and explore fresh ideas for celebrating.Help a hopeless father wolf find his missing cubs!Whats more, when you choose m, youll find that our hidden object games are just the start.
Master the art of playing solitaire and become the legendary pirate of the seven seas!

Smash your rivals in deadly races and become the most brutal racer of all time!On m, you'll find the fun you've been looking for.Use the power of your grey matter and regain control of the AI!Help an ancient Emperor and his wife break an evil spell cast on their only son!Defend Ancient Greece from the attacks of ruthless steam-powered machines and robots!Put your wits to the test and gain countless pirate treasures!Go on a wonderful journey through Wonderland as you solve fairytale puzzles!Dive into the Thanksgiving atmosphere and become the unbeaten master of solitaire!
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The hidden objects games at m will test your visual perception abilities to their limits!