the monkey king 2012 donnie yen

Wukong jumps into the kiln anyway.
As he watches the Bull Demon King sit on the throne of Heaven, Erlang Shen realizes the demon was never going to keep his promise.
As he beats and tortures Wukong, Erland Shen taunts him, challenging him to take the Elixir, but Subhuti tries to dissuade him, saying the flames of the kiln would kill him before he could try.
"Monkey King will be the first Chinese 3D blockbuster".10 Later it was announced that it would be released on, 18 on, 19 and finally on in Hong Kong and 31 January in China.Now more powerful, Wukong bursts through the kiln and fights Erlang Shen once more.Yen also serves as the film's action director.Excited, Wukong spends the entire day showing her around the island.Wukong vows he'll find a way to make her immortal.25 During its opening, it was the highest grossing film at the global box office grossing RMB216 million (US35.4 million).Wukong decides to help the Emperor rebuild Heaven, but he is stopped by Buddha.12 13 Additional cast members that were announced by Filmko Entertainment later include Feng Shaofeng as Tang Sanzang, a role that was previously reported to be portrayed by Louis Koo, Xiaoshenyang as Zhu Bajie, and Him Law, who portrayed Muzha in the previous installments,.14 Visual effects supervised by Oscar-nominated VFX Supervisor Jacques Stroweis.The Monkey King 2' Gets Global Release".26 It grossed RMB 389.97 million (.35 million) in the first four days.See more » Filming Locations: Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA See more » Box Office Budget: 100,000,000 (estimated) Opening Weekend: 166,391 (USA) (5 February 2016) Gross: 709,617 (USA) See more » Company Credits Production Co: Global Star Productions, Mandarin Films Distribution, Filmko Pictures See more.In awe of his new abilities, some of the monkeys are worried no one can protect them should Wukong leave again.

Retrieved January 10, 2015.Retrieved "The Monkey King 2".Having witnessed the entire scene, Erlang Shen unfreezes the maidens and convinces one to paint Wukong in an extremely negative light, by claiming the monkey assaulted her.31 Production for the sequel started in November 2014.On his travels he accidentally frees Wukong and the Monkey King learns that he has to protect the monk throughout the journey, being bound by an enchanted headband that can cause him pain.32 References edit a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p "Film Review: The Monkey King in 3D".He tries to console her, telling her he wants to get her to Heaven once more.