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The highest echelons of, overwatch play have, for the past few months, been ruled by dive compositions.
While decidedly slower and more methodical than the twitch-heavy Melee, this new release features many of the same characters and mechanics that have endeared both casual and competitive players to the franchise.
If Winstons getting countered at every turn, what happens next?
Where dive comps start to become a problem, however, is in effective countermeasures.Ive seen some players say they prefer it to previous metas and hope it sticks around, and personally, I enjoy watching pro players duke it out with dive comps more than I did the other dominant metas.Truth be told, Evo 2017 is really SonicFoxs to lose, although there are a lot more challengers capable of blocking his path this time around.Look for him to make waves early.Guilty Gear Xrd has gone through a number of revisions since last year, all of which have helped it become a much tighter, enjoyable title.
Honestly, you could pull any name from the group below and it wouldnt be hard to imagine them as an Evo champion.

While dive comps could evolve to account for Reaper, Doomfist, and other wildcards, it seems likely that a new meta will arise sooner rather than later.Blizzards simultaneously pushing it to be one of the worlds biggest esports and a game thats fun for the majority of its audience, who are not even remotely close to being esports pros.Appearing almost out of nowhere late in 2016, this young American competitor has quickly made a name for himself by defeating some of the greatest players in the world.Lin, Masanobu M Murakami, Yosuke kindevu Ito, and Goichi GO1 Kishida.Another hopeful from the United States is Du NuckleDu Dang, who became the first American player to win Capcom Cup with his victory over Ricki Ortiz last year.This raises a question: what role does Blizzard play in all of this?Thats a problem on multiple levels, especially with Blizzards much-ballyhooed, now officially Bob Kraft-endorsed Overwatch League on the way.Tweak some heroes, twist some balance nobs, delete Genji entirely?Perhaps, though, thats just the nature of the game Blizzard has designed.
Unfortunately, Overwatch s dominant metas have a way of snowballing.