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URL: investment (access date: ).The size of insurance premiums and reporting to the FIU.Increase, depending upon activities.Additional rate of insurance contributions for employers who have jobs in hazardous industries (if the employer does not conduct a special assessment of working conditions) in 2015 is in the List 1 to 9 on List 2 and "small lists" -.New formula to calculate pensions, from 1 of January 2015 year comes into force a new procedure for calculating pensions in the system of mandatory pension insurance.The basis of created product; t h e amount of pension a f te r 15-20 years mpcstar 5.2 media player will depend upon.Besides, the part of shares grew (it made.6 of a portfolio).With passage of time the bureaucracy with its influence proximity to the Parliament managed to change the entire structure of Pension Rules to suit government employees so much so that Retired Government Employees are today enjoying pension several times more than their actual salary.Now its size is 453 026 rubles, which is more than the previous value.6 thousand rubles For the payment of the parent capital in 2015 in the budget of the FIU laid 344,5 billion rubles Direction of the possible use of the parent.THE honourable court further states in Para 9 of its judgment that as"d in para 26 (6) of the Provident Fund Act Not withstanding anything contained in this paragraph, an officer not below the rank of an Assistant Provident Commissioner may, on the joint.Thus, in 2015 the role of NPFs the major indices of their activities increased, despite a financial crisis in Russia economy and in pension system, in particular.Hindustan aeronautics, eX officers bitdefender total security 2013 keygen association, lucknow (A Registered Body under sec.21 of the Societies Registration Act 1860.The retirement pension is transformed into two types of pensions: defined contribution and defined benefit.Shemetov / Zauralskij Nauchnyj Vestnik. .

National research Tomsk State University, masters student, 1 course, economics department.The pension are a basic element and a factor of development of non-state pension system in Russia.However, for the introduction of this regulation provides for a transitional period.In view of the recent Supreme Court Judgement against Petition (s) for Special Leave to Appeal No (s) /2015 order of Date the Honourable Court has allowed members of EPS 1995 who had contributed on actual basic pay above the ceiling limit to higher pension.Benefit or the pension that would have been payable assuming 20, 25 or 30 years of service (noti on a l amount of pension ).Link Employees Pension with DA to make provisions for increase as in case of pension given to government servants.This was a precursor to the present EPS 1995 but the employees had no clarity about its provisions and failed to foresee the effects this would have in today's scenario.Net base salary (excluding post adjustment).