sql 2008 r2 sp2 cumulative update 3

When you write your stored procedure, you should make your procedure bullet-proof and make no assumptions.
You would not have to maintain this table in real-time, but it would be sufficient to update it nightly or weekly.
But add one more parameter: exec search_orders_3 @orderid 11000, @prodid 76 And this will be a new compilation and a new cache entry.
That plan is likely to perform poorly with entirely different parameters, while it still would not be perfect restaurant week charlottesville 2015 for the initial parameter combination.The first version of the article for SQL 2008.Finding this error by looking at the code that generates the dynamic SQL is hard, but once you see the SQL string, the error may be immediately apparent.It does not always give the best plan, but it does not give a really bad plan.This does not work if the exists test is in the main big game hunter 2010 torent pc query itself.You could set the limit to from any number from one to ten.The second call searches a full year for a customer with a single order.

Without plan caching there would be many systems crumbling under the load of query compilation.Answer: when you write your stored procedure, you should assume the worst.When I added 304 (the employee with the most number of orders) to the selection, the first call retained the same plan, whereas the call to search_orders_3c got a parallel plan.With the advent of the new Datacenter edition, the Enterprise edition will be limited to support for 64 logical processors and 25 instances, which really isnt much of a change.If you were to do this in a stored procedure, you would need umpteen parameters to describe the conditions, and only defining the interface would take a week and it would still be a kludge.No, always map the application input to a table name through case.But here is how the from clause in search_orders_3 would be written to accomodate the situation.
Designed for small and medium businesses, the Standard edition supports up to 4 CPUs and 2TB of RAM, with unlimited database size.
Travis Gan pointed out that in the section Performance: The Fine Print, there is a risk for parameter sniffing and I've added a short discussion on this.