solidworks bolt tutorial and nut with link

Click on the check mark.
Poornakkumar, You need to set up your bolt and nut so that they have the correct orientation at the start, then apply the screw mate.
Your bolt should look similar to the picture shown above.If not, it is totally fine.Congratulation, you are officially completed the tutorial at this point.I will try my best to help you learn more about SolidWorks.T the starting angle is at zero degree.Click anywhere on the screen to get rid of the Polygon( triangle).Reminder usually after each steps, you should click ctrls to save what you have done.To extrude the polygon, go to feature on the command feature toolbar.Let's start: In this tutorial, you will design a bolt in you know bolts and screws are important little pieces that hold things from fall apart.Under Cut-Sweep Feature, check Profile sweep.Like Show 0 Likes (0).Dont worry if you dont get it to the specific size you can modify it later.Click on Part then OK (Figure.).
2- There are two important toolbar; one is the command manger and the other one is the feature manger, as shown in Figure.

On the Helix window feature, define the helix by Height and Revolution.Set the radius of the circle to.It means you are drawing from the origin.When you set the radius to 14 mm, your drawing may seem small.You have completed the head of the bolt.Set the depth of the chamfer to.40 mm at 45 degree.A Project, lego, hacks, industrial Design, september, this illustrated handbook provides a complete course, taking readers step-by-step through the basic operations of SolidWorks Written by an expert colour codes for resistors calculator and experienced instructor in this versatile pro.Never beenie man bookshelf riddim give up, you are one step from your first experience with SolidWorks.Select the edge at the end of the shaft.User from: m/watch?