single player commands 1.6.4

hpos1 - Set selection position #1 to the block that you are looking.
Updated: November 9, 2014, single Player Commands (or SPC) adds a whole range of useful commands to Minecraft.
seed displays the seed for the current world.Open the.6.2_spc folder and do the following: Rename.6.2.jar.6.2_spc.set block - Set all blocks inside the selection region to a specified block.load filename - Load.schematic into clipboard.It hasnt yet been updated to work with the latest version of Minecraft (1.8 but that crucial update is pes 2010 system requirements test just around the corner.hpos2 - Set selection position #2 to the block that you are looking.snap before date -Find the first snapshot before the given date.brush cylinder -h type radius height - Switch to the cylinder brush tool.bind M weather lightning /cannon.Snapshots /restore snapshot - Restore a particular snapshot.sp single - Switch to single block super pickaxe mode.Rename commandname newname - Allows you rename a command to a new name repair all - Repairs the currently selected item to full health repeat - Repeats the last used command (useful command to bind) reset - Resets the player settings resize 1080p720p480psetdefault width height.pumpkins size - Make a pumpkin forest /sphere block radius raised?descend Go down one level.drain radius Drain nearby water/lava pools (within one block of lava/water).
save filename - Save clipboard.schematic.

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Same as /t textcolor normalerror colors - Allows you to configure output text colors time setgetdaynight minutehourday timespeed speed - Set and get the time within minecraft.History /clearhistory - Clear your history.Note: Turns fall damage off if the jump is configured to move than.Jar into this new folder.expand amount - Expands the selection in the direction that you are looking.Use this to prevent catastrophic accidents.V4.9 For.6.2.8 For.5.2.5 For.4.7.9 by Simo_415(9th December, 2013) ( 1 Rating, votes: 5 ) Loading.sp area range - Switch to area super pickaxe mode.Brushes /brush clipboard - Switch to the clipboard tool.Spawner type - Changes the mob spawner the player is pointing at spawnportal - Spawns a portal nearby the player spawnstack nameidlistrandom - Spawns the specified creature where you are looking (use spawn list" to get a list of creature names and codes).