run windows xp from usb memory stick

Check if this resolves your issue.
But things have changed a lot since then.The one OS missing in this list is obviously Linux.Linux wasnt that user-friendly back then and I had problems with sound configuration and with network settings, not to mention the effort I had to make to find new software and keep my solidworks bolt tutorial and nut with link system updated.Thanks, Meghmala, microsoft Support, visit our Microsoft Answers Feedback Forum and let us know what you think.Running a Linux distribution from a USB stick is surprisingly easy.The first element you need is obviously a USB memory flash drive (the larger, the better).This menu appears when you press a certain key while the computer starts up, before Windows begins to load (usually a function key, F12 in my case).
Then I could put a google chrome shortcut icon on my Windows ME desktop, and when i double-click on it, it will load google chrome from my USB memory stick?

UNetbootin will start downloading all the necessary system files (which can take a while) and after that, it will extract and install them automatically on your USB stick.Once done, youll be asked to restart the system, and select USB device in the boot menu.Click, start, and then click, control Panel.There are even some that can be run from a CD or a USB stick, meaning you can have a sneaky peak at the OS without actually having to erase, format or reinstall anything.I tried a few distributions in the 90s and I must say I didnt have a very positive experience.You may disconnect all USB devices and then perform the following steps:.Do you get any error message when you try connecting the USB?What is the model name of the Hp computer?Thinking that this issue could be due to the fact that I have a dual monitor machine, I tried the USB on another computer with a single screen, and guess what: Ubuntu launched seamlessly, detected my Internet set maximum memory sql server 2008 r2 connection, configured sound with absolutely no problem and.Is there a software that can install a portable mini version of Linux onto a USB memory stick, and then install google chrome onto the USB memory stick.
Which edition of Windows 7 are you using?