renault key immobiliser test kit

Regards, ross, martin Tyas : I came across the following web site some time ago that may also help as there is a section on testing for Renault keyfob and immobiliser failures and emergency re-codes.
Fortunately I haven't needed to follow their advice/procedure so cannot testify to it's accuracy or usefulness.We just send you this plug (pin entry plug).MartinLogan didn't invent electrostatic transducer envenue sur le site officiel du groupe Renault.Regards, ross, lennart Sorth :" from: ross on July 18, 2007, 06:50:25.You can enter a code on some the early infrared clio immobiliser systems but on the 1998 onwards vehicles you cannot.As you will realise I have lived with the situation for 18 months now so the problem is not urgent.
Good luck to all our fellow Espace owners who like us think they are a grat car but sometimes very frustrating.

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Once we have deactivated your immobiliser, your Renault will start normally, with or without using the remote key fob.
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