relative pronouns worksheets with answers

A pacifist is a person believes that all wars are wrong.
Whose who where.
The girl _ poem I read is still in high school.
A cemetery is a place people are buried.Going Deeper For a comprehensive account of English grammar, visit our section English Grammar.She was carrying a basket on her head.Choose the correct (and most natural-sounding) response to complete each sentence:.Just leave your email in the box given below.Whose where whom.We met a traveler.You will also receive free English grammar, writing and vocabulary lessons.We bought inuyasha the final act episode 2 some apples from which we extracted the juice.Who whose where.It is present everywhere.However, they will be receiving some help from their neighbors, most of (who / whom) they like.He said something which / that surprised.The neighborhood (that / in which) they have been living is a somewhat dangerous one.
Their new house, (that / which) they bought quite cheaply, does need some fixing.
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We were talking about him.What's the name of the man car you borrowed?The thief who / that stole the bicycle has been caught.That boy whom / that you see there sings well.He is a good writer whose books are best sellers.Who which that who or that, question 6, he is a rogue.Who whom that which.Leads to the railway station.Show me the road that / which leads to the railway station.This is the house that / which I purchased from Peter.Give me the pen that / which you bought yesterday.
Whose whom where.
Complete the following exercise with correct relative pronouns, choosing from the items given.