puppet show 2 souls of the innocent

Zoom into the small door in the upper left; place the runes gis and remote sensing books at the bottom of the door.
Place the arrow button on the panel.Take a lost girl season 3 episode 11 closer look at the painting in the upper left; pick up the torn page (A).Zoom into the fortune teller.Leave and click on the desk.In the scene, you will need to click on the middle drawer to find some objects.This walkthrough was created by, margie.
Click on the symbols in the order shown on the screenshot to solve the puzzle.
Zoom into the door (A) on the right, place the handle on the lock and turn the lever to open the door.

This will let you collect a key.Click down to exit.Place the paper into the typewriter; click on the doll to start it typing.After completing the puzzle, enter club penguin coin hack no the Laboratory.Enter the correct combination to open the cash register.Drag the selected item to the appropriate area and click.Take a closer look at the center (C) of the bookcase.
At this time, the marionette will open the door after putting the button on the desk.