portal 2 authoring tools beta

Smokindoug.53.53/5 9867.1,.2,.3,.4 phpMD / PHP CodeSniffer Plugin Editing, Utilities, a better life spanish version Web Applications.4,.3,.2,.1,.0 Netbeans PHP Plugin which provides violations detected by PHP Mess Detector (phpmd.
Revivius.85.85/.0,.1,.2 Netbeans Use System Desktop Utilities, Desktop Applications, Fun Stuff.2,.0 Use System default editors via sktop manikantannaren 1 0/5 917.0,.2 serialVersionUID generator Programming Languages.2,.1,.0,.0,.9,.8,.7,.5 Generator of serialVersionUID for classes.Geertjan 0 0/5 769 NetBeans Startup Settings Utilities.1,.0 Currently to add or change any NetBeans parameter (font size, jvm argument, look and feel a etc/nf file needs to be edited.For example, saying 'monoh open project' it will start the open project dialog, without using the mouse or the keyboard.Hawkx.55.55/5 4179.2,.3 Dark Nimbus Theme Uncategorized.3,.2 Dark theme for Nimbus Look and Feel saubrecht.33.33/5 48446.2,.3 Cetriolo Programming Languages, Editing, Code Generation.3,.2 Language support (syntax highlight, folding, formatting, palette, navigation, code navigation, templates) for.Junichi11.45.45/5 527.0,.1 Office File Types Utilities, Fun Stuff.1,.0,.4 Opens Office documents in your local system nigjo_iqn.59.59/5 1445.0,.1 Gradle JavaEE Support Building, Utilities.1,.0 Supports JavaEE functionality using Gradle as the build tool hildo.

Hlavki.37.37/5 1615.1 NetBeans Cheat Sheets Editing.1,.0,.3 View code templates and keybindings.Marfous.22.22/5 20669.0 Antlr Editor Support Programming Languages.0 Support for editing Antlr grammar (.g) files.Viewer exists as a standalone app or a Netbeans module.Wsantos.21.21/5 2536 Funambol Connector 24 colors last episode Template.0 This is a project template for implementing SyncSource modules that extend the Funambol DS Server.Take advantage of smart authoring to create fully responsive eLearning courses.Gaurav_gupta.09.09/5 3122.0 Bootstrap Glyphicons Palette Web Applications.0 Palette for Bootstrap Glyphicons lucleroy 1 0/5 3965.0 hp officejet 4255 scanner driver for xp nbscala- Programming Languages.0 NetBeans plugin for Scala language dcaoyuan.33.33/5 10665.0 MongoNb Databases.0,.3 MongoNb integrates MongoDB databases into the NetBeans.