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Tournaments which utilized the "Battle Competition" feature required its use; therefore, all the Global Battle Union tournaments required.
Searching CP or HP followed by a number or range (such as "CP 200-500" or "HP 100 shows all Pokémon whose CP or HP (respectively) matches that search (inclusive).
In Surrounded by Staryu, Crystal is given a portable transfer system, presented in the form of a cable that connects her Pokédex to rosetta stone english american level 2 her Pokégear.Most core series regions use nominally different versions of the Pokémon Storage System.It also seems that the Pokédex automatically connects to this system when a capture is made while there are six Pokémon in a user's party, as seen with the capture of Ash's Krabby in Mystery at the Lighthouse.One was the Box interface, which was a simple scrollable list of names in Generation I, to which Generation II only added a picture of the currently selected Pokémon.Filters Generation IV introduced the first filter feature in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

Generation VII adds an option to filter by the Battle Team a Pokémon.In Generation VII, since PCs only feature the Pokémon Storage System and load it immediately, the organization modes are switched by pressing the X Button.Game Boy Printer features are disabled in the Virtual Console release of Pokémon Yellow.This requirement ensures that the player will be able to (and forced to) catch it, unlike in Generation V where the otherwise mandatory catching of Reshiram / Zekrom could be bypassed by completely filling all 720 spaces in the Storage System beforehand.Selection modes Starting in Generation III, the games began introducing shortcuts to expedite tasks in the Pokémon Storage System.DSi Pokemon Emulator, play Nintendo DSi on PC, Mac, PSP etc.Emerald Scenery 1 Forest City Desert Savanna Scenery 2 Crag Volcano Snow Cave Scenery 3 Beach Seafloor River Sky Etcetera Polka-Dot PokéCenter Machine Simple Walda In Pokémon Emerald, certain unique phrases will result in Walda in Rustboro City giving the player a special, customizable wallpaper.
As you follow the main quest to put a stop to the sinister Team Galactic, completing side missions and contests along the way, you will of course engage in some serious battles.