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Eg: const string _name "Test 12) What is portal 2 authoring tools beta the difference between constant and readonly variables in C#?
Using statement calls dispose method internally, whenever any exception occurred in any method call and in Using statement objects are read only and cannot be reassignable or modifiable.
Object oriented programming allows creating a modular approach to make it more abstract and create the interactions between them.
In C# there is a try catch block to handle the error.A child can inherit the properties of the parent and it remains helpful in creating a hierarchy in the system to keep things more modular.Using keyword can be used for using the namespace in other namespace.We cannot modify the value later in the code.Easy to learn, object oriented, component oriented, part.NET framework 4) What are IDEs provided by Microsoft for C# development?
Namespaces are containers for the classes.
Below are the advantages of C#.

Polymorphism: is a feature that deals with different values that can be used by only one function.To create a program requires self sufficient resources, the way to make a piece of code modular so that it can be handled properly.Must Read - t Interview Questions and Answers 13) Explain static keyword in C#?Main, xML Documentation and, indexers 3) List some of the advantages of C#?We will use namespaces for grouping the related classes in C#.Readonly variable value can be changed during runtime and value to readonly variables can be assigned in the constructor or at the time of declaration.This shows the relationship between different objects or in between the same objects.Below are some of the features supported in C#.Constructors and Destructors, properties, passing Parameters, arrays.Inheritance: it deals with the relationship that exists between the parent and child classes.
An object is an entity that has attributes, behavior, and identity.