my horse club game

Not rated yet i love your new game, but i do not live Australia i live in AZ can you please fix this thanks rubbish Not rated yet my dad downloaded all the stay strong demi lovato book stuff for it the all it does is shows pictures aaaaarrrggggghhhhh!
The stupid secruity code is a pink blob.
Not rated yet Okay, so you know how at the start you have to put your horse in the stall, how do you do that exactly?
Not rated yet I have tried it in the past and it has never worked.Not rated yet OK people you dont need to pay to play My Horse Club!I have the newest Java!I play m it is much better!It Won't Let Me Ride My Horse Anymore!And its all free!Not rated yet It has awesome graphics but it doesn't work on any of my computers.Do you need help with the online horse game My Horse Club?Yeah Suree x Not rated yet I Havent Played it yet but sounds good Horses Club Not rated yet To meet new friends online security code Not rated yet There isn't a security code so I couldn't register to try the game.For instance I think that we should gifts for your horse.
I really need horse codes for My horse club because my horse looks lonely and sad without a friend and my parents won't buy horse cards.
Not rated yet it looks amazingly fun, but whenevr i go to the stable it just freezes?

Security code i agree with everyone about the amazing graphics and it looks amazing to play but i cant even register as the security code isn't visible, like there isn't love it finally got my horse, i love this game the horse club!good game Not rated yet my horse club is a cool game it is quite challenging and i haven't quite worked it out but its still fun.Other than that, i cant read the security code.I'm really mad because this looks like such a great game.IT IS AS slow AS christmas!Not rated yet i would like to play the free game now because i really love horse.Not rated yet Uhm.But they made a new game called Answers to MyHorseClub Problems My horse club is a great online game!