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"Sparse" arrays are no longer supported in Underscore iteration functions.
Most of the.isType checks no longer ducktype.
A functions method was added, providing a sorted list of all the functions in Underscore.
_.last now garmin voice studio street names takes an optional argument which will return the last N elements of the list.H return; else / long keys: RSA if (u_privk) var t mpi2b(base64urldecode(key if (t) k u_privk).substr(0, file.Added.extendOwn a less-useful form.extend that only copies over "own" properties._.bind now errors when trying to bind an undefined value.Avoiding the use.callee, to allow.isArray to work properly in ES5's strict mode._.every now requires an iterator function to be passed, which mirrors the ES5 API.(There's no reason why you'd want to do this.) November 14, 2011 Diff Docs Continued tweaks.isEqual semantics.Added a where function, for easy cases of filtering a list for objects with specific values.Restored the.unzip function as the inverse of zip.Table: Control Keys Key Code(linux) DEX Ctrl-A 1 Ctrl-B 2 Ctrl-C 3 Ctrl-D 4 Ctrl-E 5 Ctrl-F 6 Ctrl-G 7 Ctrl-H 8 Ctrl-I 9 Ctrl-J 10 Ctrl-K 11 Ctrl-L 12 Ctrl-M 13 Ctrl-N 14 Ctrl-O 15 Ctrl-P 16 Ctrl-Q 17 Ctrl-R 18 Ctrl-S 19 Ctrl-T.A source map is fumefx plugin for 3ds max 2009 now supplied for easier debugging of the minified production build of Underscore.K, sn, false 10 ctx.
Table: Editing keys Key Code(linux) Code(windows) Code(windows) DEX DEX HEX Del, Ctrl-G 7 46 0x2E Tab, Ctrl-I 9 9 0x09 Shift-Tab 271 Ins, Ctrl-V 22 45 0x2D.
Fix for escaped characters in Underscore templates, and for supporting customizations.templateSettings that only define one or two of the required regexes.

A number of edge-cases xbox 360 optional media update iso fixes and tweaks, which you can spot in the diff.November 7, 2009 Diff Docs All Underscore functions can now be called in an object-oriented style, like so: 1, 2, 3).map(.19, 2015 Diff Docs Added.mapObject, which is, but just for the values in your object.The uniq function can now take array, iterator, context as the argument list.Removed.breakLoop, in favor of an ES5-style un- break -able each implementation this removes the try/catch, and you'll now have better stack traces for exceptions that are thrown within an Underscore iterator.The.bind function now also works on constructors, a-la ES5.
Added.constant, as a higher-order.identity.