mta san andreas 1.3.1 hack

Synchronization Satchels should be removed on resetMapInfo (kevuwk) - 11 mb pdf file resolved.
Scripting Server crash from getWeaponIDFromName (Jax) - resolved.Client Hosting a local server will crash on unstable-2445 (ccw) - resolved.Scripting Interior world cannot be set on a player who is "terminated" (Jax) - resolved.Scripting onClientPedWasted does not trigger reliably (Cazomino05) - resolved.General Add a way to load and unload modules without restarting the server (kevuwk) - resolved.Optional Fix debug warnings/errors in resources (arranTuna) - resolved.GUI / Menus / Console Settings menu only jaikoz audio tagger 5.1.1 crack changes key bound to "down" state when rebinding commands bound to both windows vista ultimate oem serial key states of the same key (Talidan) - resolved.Client Incorrect width of GUI Tab title with Unicode symbols (while first creating) (ccw) - resolved.Scripting request: add clothes funcs client side (lil_Toady) - resolved.
Scripting onClientResourceStart gets called only once (kevuwk) - resolved.
Vehicles Improper enter animations for Baggage (Jax) - resolved.

Scripting getColorFromString returns only the first integer (Jax) - resolved.Scripting clientside outputChatBox doesn't accept number values (ChrML) - resolved.Client make setObjectScale except 1 scale value for each axis (x0rh4x) - resolved.General MTA doesn't send correct data to XFire (Cazomino05) - resolved.Synchronization Camera focus entities need to be streamed in (ChrML) - resolved.Bugs fixed since the last release: : Installer Uninstaller might tend to remove whole GTA SA folder, when mtasa is installed in it (ChrML) - resolved.Unified SStringReplace and ReplaceSubString.General When you die in a vehicle, you can drive it after it respawns (Jax) - resolved.Synchronization Glitch for shooting bullets remotely while reloading (Cazomino05) - resolved.Scripting Object are in radians (Jax) - resolved.
General Crash: 0x7C911E58 (IJs) - resolved.