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Multiple Endings : In Metal Slug 4 's final area, if a n f s most wanted full game setup player gets caught in the explosion, then the ending will show both players hospitalized.
Devolution Device : The scientist enemies in 4 fire darts that turn the player into a monkey if they hit.
And justified in Metal Slug 6's mission 1's river, the current was rapid.
Similarly, Sol Dae Rokker in Metal Slug 3 will gradually turn red as it takes more and more damage, along with gaining extra fire rate and deciding that two explosive ghost wolves at a time isn't enough anymore.As a result, the craziness of the previous games is turned Up to Eleven and the final mission is equal parts Nostalgia Level and Marathon Level, culminating with a Free-Fall Fight with the leader of the t then the series continued with 4 two years.From Uyama himself: "Metal Slug 3 is longer, has more randomness, bosses don't die as quickly, and the hardest difficulty is considered impossible (or nearly impossible) to beat on one life.Dotson, Carter (January 2, 2013).And some that are always worthless.Metal Slug 3's Japanese Army soldiers come in both olive and red uniforms in order to help the player distinguish which soldiers are going to blow themselves up upon death and, hopefully, avoid their dying attack.What makes it qualify as a Poison Mushroom instead of simply Power Up Letdown?Bullet Hell : A rare platformer example of one - several bosses and some of the setpieces will shower you with relentless barrages of bullets.Irem employees after the 1994 bankruptcy and merged into SNK a few years later.) Basically, it's.A b Elektro, Dan.Fanservice Pack : Poor Fio just won't stop gaining weight from one game to the next.Flash of Pain : For an example, an orange variety is found in Metal Slug.16 Major Mike of GamePro agreed that the Neo Geo version suffers from low longevity, with too few levels and a complete lack of replay value, and also criticized the slowdown in the game.

Guide Dang It : Certain items and POWs can be only found by shooting at background objects or at thin air.Body Horror : And lots.Said brain can occasionally emit a shockwave that is hard to dodge.See You in Hell : Allen O'Neal's death cry, and one of his CatchPhrases.Metal Slug 6's Mission 3 boss is a Humongous Mecha with a brain sitting on top inside a jar to serve as the head.From 6 onward, putting Tarma in a Vehicle doubles its defense, letting you take twice as many hits.After defeating the helicopter and killing Morden, they destroy his base of operations.
Marco himself zig-zags this one as his real name is Marchrius.