mac time machine backup to windows network drive

Connect an external hard drive to your computer and click the.
Select drive screen, you can optionally set up File History using a network share instead of a hard drive connected directly to your computer.
If you havent already set up Time Machine to back up your Mac read: How to backup your Mac with Time Machine.
Use the onscreen up and down arrows to jump to the last time the contents of the window changed.Hold down the Option key, then choose Browse Other Backup Disks from the Time Machine menu.Youll be able to restore previous versions from these backups, whether youve deleted a file or you just want to recover an old version of a file.Click the Restore personal files link in the File History Control Panel.Tags: Share this article.You should see the new volume in the Finders sidebar.Select a file and press Space Bar to preview the file and make sure it's the one you want.In this way, the process of deleting an entire old backup is similar to deleting a backup of a specific file or folder from Time Machine, except that rather than targeting a small portion of the file system, you choose the entire Mac or the.Back up using Time Machine, after you set up Time Machine, it automatically makes hourly backups for the past 24 hours, daily backups for the past month, and weekly backups for all previous months. .If this is your problem and you have upgraded to Mac Oion, there is a workaround Keep reading.Enable the Windows 8 time machine File History, and Windows will automatically back up your files to an external or network drive.Click Select Backup Disk, Select Disk, or Add or Remove Backup Disk.Make sure that the disk image is in its permanent home before you use tmutil (Also, dont change the server name or shared folder name after Time Machine use it as your backup volume).Enter the admin password when requested to delete the backup.Pull down the Time machine icon in the menu bar, then choose Enter Time Machine.Read More in Windows 8 the Windows 7 backup tools are still present so you can use them if you want, but Microsoft considers them outdated.
Set a large enough size for the disk image.

You can change the icon if you want.On the other hand, encrypting the disk image is a good idea since youre going to put it on a network that can potentially be accessed by others.Learn what to do if you can't back up or restore with Time Machine.File History requires a removable hard drive or network share, as it cant save files on your main Windows drive.Restore from a Time Machine backup.Using tab completion could skip this if youre certain, otherwise just use ls to see a list of dates: ls this list can be quite long and specific.Thus to not complicate things more and make it easy for most users (especially novices) Time Machines preferences only cater for the two common cases: Directly-attached external storage (via USB, Firewire, or Thunderbolt).The GUI approach above is much easier for most users as it gives a visual representation land rover discovery 1997 manual of what will be deleted, whereas tmutil is only appropriate for those with sufficient terminal experience.If you back up to multiple disks, you can switch disks before entering Time Machine.This could be handy if you have just disconnected your Mac from the backup drive to take it to a meeting and discovered that the document you are presenting is missing some information that was there earlier.
Choose the one you want to use and click continue.