logon event id 2008 r2

Account Logon events on domain controllers are great because they allow you to see all authentication activity (successful or failed) for all domain accounts. .
Folks at Microsoft have suggested the Logon guid field in these events would provide that but my research and experiments indicate that unfortunately the guids are either not supplied or do not match. .
Once the domain controller tells the workstation that the user is authenticated, the workstation proceeds with creating the logon session and a records a logon event (528/4624) in its security log.If you restart the Remote Desktop Service, the service runs till the next remote connection attempt.Computer: Description: The Remote Desktop Services service terminated unexpectedly.Organizations must evaluate security policies on a regular basis, because as security threats evolve, so too must IT evolve.To determine definitely how a user logged on you have find the logon event on the computer where the account logged. .

No: the reason is because authentication may take place on a different computer than the one into which you are logging.In all such cases you will need to look at the Logon Type specified in the logon event 528/540/4624. .Source: Service Control Manager, date: 14:12:12, event ID: 7011.Please try connecting to the remote server again.More often though, you logon to a member server via Remote Desktop. .These two categories are related but distinct, and the similarity in the naming convention contributes to the confusion.Therefore you will see both an Account Logon event (680/4776 1 ) and a Logon/Logoff (528/4624) event in its security log.How to solve this issue.Both the Account Logon and Logon/Logoff categories provide needed information and are not fungible: both are distinct and necessary. .Here are some important facts to understand, and accept about authentication and logon/logoff events.They do so, but just before their desktop appears, an error warning appears: les raccourcis clavier excel 2007 The connection to the remote computer was broken.
So to make that correlation you basically have to dead reckon based on time, computer names and user account names.
Sponsored, note: It seems that in some cases, this issue also happens for Windows 7 machines as well.