lic policy surrender calculator

Instructions and download link for the Insurance Policy Surrender Value and Paid-up Value Calculato r, source for LIC surrender gurps space bestiary pdf value factors (pdf file).
Paid-up: To make a policy paid-up is to stop paying premiums.
What if the numbers are 12 and 12 years.
Such funds if chosen well are capable for providing double digit returns (long-term returns for such funds more than 65 equity component are tax-free as of now).(ii) If you have paid for three years and have claimed 80C deductions with the policy then make it paid-up.1,20,240 in an instrument, the calculator determines the rate of (post-tax) his kiss melanie marks pdf interest needed to generate.Then you could consider the paid-up option over the surrender option.Comes with nine online calculator modules.To address this, lets first set the record straight.Say the paid-up value for a 20-year policy after 4 years.A balanced view is necessary while making a call on such policies and I hope I have done that to a reasonable extent.
If you have access to special surrender values of other insurers car town money hack 2011.exe please send them.

The due date can be found on the payment notices sent by LIC.I will also not deal with why these policies are considered as 'junk'.Blog Comment Policy Your thoughts are vital to the health of this blog and are the driving force behind the analysis and calculators that you see here.Step, enter the amount of your payment, during each installment, for the premium.Step, enter the sum (the amount paid upon your death) assured under the policy.Most of you will agree that this is a common enough problem.We welcome criticism and differing opinions.Step, enter the term period listed on the policy.Step, state the amount of the annual rider premium under the policy listed on the schedule page.