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Thus: The Most Rev.The term depends upon the relation of the person addressed.The designation of the person or persons addressed differs according to the relations of the correspondents.Then I made like a story map for them to fill in with the required info.J., February 1st, 1910.Thus: My dear Wife: My dear Husband: My dear Friend: My darling Mother: My dearest Love: Dear Aunt: Dear Uncle: Dear George: etc.If you're.May it please your Eminence: The title of the Governor of a State or territory and of the President of the United States is Excellency.Thus instead of writing Rev.Notes OF introduction Notes of introduction should be very circumspect as the writers are in reality vouching for those whom they introduce.Sir: Honorable Franklin Fort, Governor of New Jersey.The subscription on the envelope should be always written with propriety and correctness and as if penned by an entire stranger.
I beg you will acknowledge receipt and should the owner be found I trust you will notify me, so that I may claim some reward for my honesty.
When you write to your friend John Browne to tell him how you spent Sunday you have not to look around for the words, or study set phrases with a view to please or impress Browne, you just tell him the same as.

The only difficulty in the envelope inscription is the title.Is used for.The Starfall Website is a program service of Starfall Education Foundation, a publicly supported nonprofit organization, 501(c 3).Hugh Black, 112 solitaire game for desktop Southgate Street, Altoona,.There should be left a space for the postage stamp in the upper right hand corner.I would rate it 5/10 nice i agree!Thus if there are three daughters in the Thompson family Martha, the eldest, Susan and Jemina, Martha is addressed as Miss Thompson and the other two as Miss Susan Thompson and Miss Jemina Thompson respectively.Professional men such as doctors and lawyers as well as those having legitimately earned College Degrees may be addressed on the envelopes by their titles, as Jonathan Janeway,.Henry Wagstaff and accepts with great pleasure their invitation to meet the Governor of the Fort on the evening of June fifteenth.