irrlicht 1.7 realtime 3d engine beginner guide

New mailing list We created a new forum using Google Groups.
Txt file for more precise details on all the changes.
An installer if freely available at the Download page.New ChBodyAuxRef, where the COG is displaced respect to reference.28 November 2007 - redhat linux 5 tutorial New Chrono:Engine release.0.3.1.Updated to Irrlicht.7.3.Topics include, but are not limited to, the following: Vehicle dynamics, Numerical models for tires, Soil models, Multibody methods, Multi-physics, Finite elements, Non-linear dynamics, ProjectChrono, Off-road mobility, Co-simulation, High Performance Computing.Among these, also Chrono:Engine simulations, software architecture and mathematical foundations were presented.Chrono:Engine API.1.3.0 released The release.3.0 of Chrono:Engine has been released and binaries are freely downloadable from the Download section.New Chrono:Engine release.0.8 The new release.0.8 introduces many bug fixes and new features.22 December 2016 - New Chrono:PyEngine installer and spider demo.New Chrono:Engine release.1.0 The new release(ml).1.0 of the Chrono:Engine is available.25 November 2013 - New web site layout The ojectchrono.Improved visualization functions in ChIrrWizard 25 December 2008 - Chrono:Engine API.0.5 released The new release.0.5 introduces many bug fixes and new features, among them: complete refactoring and speed improvement of the ChMatrix class, that is splitted in more specialized sub classes, support.This special issue will bring together recent applications of the open-source Project Chrono software in the field of vehicle simulation.14-18 November 2016 - tardec workshop.Porting on GNU C (MingW) The chrono:engine has been successfully passsed the compatibility test for the GNU C compiler (MingW distribution).

Lot of class refactoring, to prepare the API for future support of flexible parts.Chrono:Engine API.0.7 released The new release.0.7 introduces the following features: object picking: press the middle-mouse-wheel and drag objects in Irrlicht demos.The Chrono Interest Group Meeting was attended by researchers from universities (University of Iowa, University of Wisconsin, University of Parma) and companies such as Caterpillar, Harley-Davidson, Statoil-ASA, Oshkosh, MSC, SimLab Soft, Open Source Robotics Foundation, wacc and others.Final acceptance: estimated 1st August 2017.Future development of Chrono:Engine has been discussed.The Irrlicht Engine is intended to be an easy-to-use 3d engine, so this documentation is an important part.Among the new features: Build system is completely based on CMake New API building process for exporting symbols from the dll.A ProjectChrono tutorial has been presented at US Army tardec, Warren, Michigan, November 14-18, 2016.Benchmarks showed a superior precision and a proper convergence for the solution.In the SDK you will find the corresponding C source code to generate each example, and the corresponding tutorial.This site has an area for forums, that can be used by all users of Chrono:Engine to exchange ideas, to report wish lists and bugs.