gta vice city cheats for psp

Spawn Rhino, while playing virtual cd v6 keygen the game, press Up, L, Down, R, Left, L, Right,.
Left, left, R1, R1, UP, triangle, down,.Raise wanted level, while playing the game, press Up, Right, Square(2 Down, Left, Circle(2).Pastel suit: Buy a "High Roller" drug dealing building.Jumping taxi Successfully complete over 50 fares in the taxi missions to be able to press Down to jump while driving a taxi.Pedestrians riot: Press R, L, L, Down, Left, Circle, Down, L during game play.Commit suicide While playing the game, press Right(2 Circle(2 L, R, Down,.Right, UP, left, down, triangle, triangle, L1,.Black traffic, while playing the game, press L, R, L, R, Left, Circle, Up,.Upside up While playing the game, press Left(3 R(2 L, Right, Left.Right, right, circle, circle, L1, R1, down,.Left, down, R1, L1, right, UP, left,.Maximum health increase Successfully complete 15 levels in the air ambulance missions to increase your maximum health.Overcast weather: Press Left, Down, L, R, Right, Up, Left, Square during game play.R1, L1, L1, down, UP, X, down,.
Black traffic: Press L, R, L, R, Left, Circle, Up, X during game play.
Upside down (alternate Press Left, Left, Left, R, R, L, Right, Left during game play.

Left, Right, Square, Up, Down, Triangle, Left, Right during game play.Weapons (tier 2 Press.25 of multi-player bonuses unlocked: Press Up, Up, Up, Square, Square, Triangle, R, L during game play.Left, right, square, UP, down, triangle, left, right.Destroy all cars, while playing the game, press L, R(2 Left, Right, Square, Down,.Fire fighter bonus Successfully complete 15 levels in the fire fighter missions to become fireproof.While playing the game, press Left, Down, R, L, Right, Up, Left, Circle.GamerevolutionFriday, January 16 2015, cheats, armor: Press, up, Down, Left, Right, Square, Square, L, R during game play.Casual: Successfully complete the "Conduct Unbecoming" mission.Perfect Traction (Down is Car Hop).
Shooting range bonus Successfully complete the shooting range challenges outside Phil's place at the Vice City Docks to get discount prices at Ammi-Nation stores.