gold diggers of 1933 dvd review

The second Berkeley film in the Warner series of musicals starts off with Ginger Rogers singing "We're in the Money" in an outrageous number in which the chorus girls are all dressed in over-sized coins.
I like the way they showed it that way to give us a second of mind trick.
I'm amazed/amused by the number of comments about the "pre-code" scenes (like this was something "terrible.The best of the Berkeley movies have made it onto DVD.The 1933 film ends with a number about forgotten men marching both off to war and flappy bird game for ipad back to bread lines in spartan black and white.In the scene Petting in the Park a small perverted child runs around after the girls, egging on the men to pursue them.This has been one of my favourite 30s musicals since I was a teenager and it had never once occurred to me that the musical numbers had been added as an afterthought.Births: Elizabeth Montgomery, Jayne Mansfield, Carol Burnett, James Brown, Louis Farrakhan, Joan Collins.Powell is a very good singer when singing one of the main show songs with beautiful Ruby "Pettin in the park".The film portrays more of a behind the stage point of view from a group of dancers, producers, choreographers, composers and show people, struggling sleeping dogs 1. patch during the depression to not only make ends meat but to pursue careers which provided them with happiness.All are extremely tame, compared to the garbage they have today (and which most people blindly accept).
It takes a few cues from '42nd Street such as everyone clamoring for a job in a show during the Depression.
Though better known to audiences as the tough Philip Marlowe of murder MY sweet, this is where he got his start and it's telling that, along with James Cagney and any number of other Hollywood stars of the era, Powell was able to sing and.

Overall, an absolutely terrific, energetic snapshot of life during the Great Depression.Ginger Rogers manages to be much more memorable this time around (singing "We're in the Money" in pig-Latin will do that).Guy Kibbee and Aline McMahon are both terrifically funny and touching in one of the film's subplots as two people who find genuine love later in life than they may have wanted and originally planned.Powell also is able to get the money for them.Unfortunately, Brad's brother doesn't know what she looks like.2 out of 2 people found the following review useful: Good light fluffy musical.Ruby, who can hear Dick Powell playing piano from their apartment, invites him over to join in the show as pianist.But you'd never know.2 out of 2 people found the following review useful: Good stuff, author: yonko from Maryland, the Gold Diggers of 1933 is a great pre-code film with Joan Blondell, Dick Powell, and Ginger Rogers.There were a few elements in this scene which I found humorous.
Robert, the mysterious donator of funds to the show and love interest of Polly also performs in the show.