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Because of its success and popularity, GTA San Andreas has the most ports than any other GTA game, being available on a wide array of systems, whether it be as a download or an actual disc.
However, it also received widespread criticisminitially due to its "gangster" elements, which include drugs, prostitution, and murder; but later due to the discovery of disabled interactive sex scenes, nicknamed Hot Coffee, which could be re-enabled using third-party mods.
Some characters in the game are visually and/or mentally based on characters from the film, as well as some events that take place.
The ability to change body mass (due to eating and exercise - or lack thereof - which requires ongoing maintenance until a certain collectables challenge is completed) is as of 2017 unique to San Andreas as it has not been attempted again with any further.Where film stars and millionaires do their best to avoid the dealers and gang-bangers.The New York Times' Charles Herold gave the only non-positive review for San Andreas, giving it a 'mediocre' rating.0 out of 10, criticizing the "annoying" mission structure, and the casualness of the intense violence featured in the game.It is the sequel.A city tearing itself apart with gang trouble, drugs and corruption.The biggest counterpart of GTA San Andreas is the 1993 hood film Menace II Society, many aspects were taken from this movie such as Los Santos being based on Los Angeles during the movie, plus Grove Street itself is a reference to the film, and.Another film that greatly influenced Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was the 1988 film Colors.

Because of the Hot Coffee controversy, this almost became the only game in the series to have an AO (Adults Only) rating.As well as having the large, dominating gangs, there are smaller, more medical powerpoint templates 2007 local gangs.Unit of the lapd deals with Bloods, rules of chess pdf Crips, and Hispanic gangs at war, which much of the Los Santos storyline is based upon.Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a, rockstar North -developed video game, and is the seventh title in the.GTA San Andreas is set in the fictional state.Further Reading Official Site External Links Navigation.Game Information 100 Completion Detailed information on how to complete the game 100.Businesses There are many different types of businesses featured.Vehicle Missions web key password spy Missions are available for specific vehicles.
A typical car can carry two to four people, whereas a coach or bus can hold all seven members.