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The church has always controlled MAN through birth, marriage and death certificates, as can be seen by the fact that births were traditionally recorded in the church Bible before being organised into the administration of Government departments, all centralised under the power of "The Crown".
06 May at 19: Arthur Fiona Cristian Winfried, It appears those.U.N do not stand for freedom of speech, or is this just you?
"The System" is nothing without our energy and we have the power to put our life force energy into "The System" or into life and, if we choose life, there is nothing those of "The System" can do to stop.Arthur Fiona Cristian Love For Life Arthur Fiona Cristian Being Abused By The Fascist Regime!A Facebook Discussion With Arthur Fiona Cristian Love For Life 24th ti 26th June 2011 We Are The Life Of The Dream Of Life By Arthur Fiona Cristian Love For Life 6th September 2010 /node/7417 The Manufactured World Of The Founding Father The Grand Architect.Or perhaps a massage is more your style, Put your therapist through her paces.Those who cannot compete are discriminated against; they have lost their uniqueness and their freedom on the land and they become the garbage collectors, the sewerage comic book photoshop action workers and all the other cogs through the rank and file of the blue and white collar workers.The Jews are conquered tribes/babies who are brought up to believe they are Jews.His information has proven to be spot.Muammar Al Qaddafi: The Green Book Jamahiriya: Part One - The State of The Masses.Nothing else is really going.Men, women and children live for the tribe and the tribe takes care of everyone and altogether, they maintain the perfection of life.At least, worst case scenario, in gradual steps we are removing our lives out of the fraud.By Arthur Fiona Cristian Love For Life 23rd February 2011 /node/7930 Videos: Narayanan Krishnan A Companion To The Forgotten life Is Love How To Bring Peace Freedom Joy Abundance For All By Arthur Fiona Cristian Love For Life 22nd February 2011 /node/7925 Gravity The Re-Presentation.

The subject being "What Is Reality?" To Listen To These Podcasts Please Use Real Player, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, Real Audio, etc.Powerlessness hopelessness confusion AND passing THE buck The system is designed to be impossible for us to use.Arthur Fiona Cristian Love For Life 24th January 2011 disclaimer - Regarding The NSW Jewish Board Of Deputies Trying To Shut Down The Love For Life Website By Arthur Fiona Cristian Love For Life 17th June 2009 Note: Updated Thursday 29th July 2010.05pm Sydney.We must all turn away from the runaway train that is the Freemasonic/Satanic world heading to oblivion and cease giving it our life-energy.What image do you want your fruit to grow in?All dreams have a creator.Conscious Love Always Arthur and Fiona Cristian Love For Life 17th June 2009 Part One - Love For Life Website Attacked - Aussie Free Speech Under Threat 10 Minutes 13 Seconds Part Two - Love For Life Website Attacked - Aussie Free Speech Under Threat.
"There are many people interested in becoming artists the Art Gallery Owner said.
Can we wake up before it is too late?