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Review » No links available 43 watches Reports of the Dark Gundam surfacing in Shinjuku send Domon and Rain flying to Neo Japan.
Up in the Neo Japan Space Colony, Major Ulube and Dr Mikamura believe they should send the Burning Gundam down to the G Review » No links available 43 watches The Shuffle icse 8th class maths book pdf Alliance members decide to fight the Dark Army in oder to give Rain.The Neo America managers do not want this match to happen in fear that Chibodee will lose, so they send Domon a fake fight location and corner him with some mobile su Review » No links available 95 watches The Neo Japan gundam fell.However, they all refuse because the only person they want to fight is Domon.It doesn't work, and Domon ge Review » No links available 43 watches An earthquake shakes Shinjuku, and all the members of the Shuffle Alliance along with their teams are trapped underground.He then di Review » No links available 42 watches The Finals are only three days away and Domon and the others are still training.Hi Friends, Like our page to be notified when We added new series or episode.The American wants to fight him.
Also some unidentified suits attacked him.

A group of kids follows Domon to his Burning Gundam and one kid sneaks into the Burning Gundam.George attains Hyper Mode and uses Review » No links available 43 watches Now that the Dark Gundam is back, Domon requests the help of the Shuffle Alliance.Mean Review » No links available 42 watches First aired: 10/8/2002 Production Code: 140 Domon is set to fight against Schwartz to determine the overall winner of the individual matches.They run into an army of soldiers controlled by the dark gundam and Domon tries to call the Shining Gundam.With Domon telling Rain that he loves her she breaks free of the Dark Gundam and together they defeat the Dark Gundam.Domo Review » No links available With SideReel you can.After Domo Review » No links available 48 watches Domon returns to the Neo Japan space colony.However after reading his father's will he decides to win the Battle Royale to revive the Shaolin Temple which was one of his father's wishes.The Neo France princess is jealous of the gundam fight Review » No links available 48 watches Domon goes to Neo China in order to fight the Dragon Gundam piloted by Sai Saici of the Shaolin temple.The pilot of Cobra Gundam has no qualms about hurting Domon before the match.
The next match is a tag team match between the Domon and Allenby team and the Argo an Review » No links available 44 watches The day before he fights Domon Sai Saici isn't at all worried about the match.
Domon's father is now out of his cryogenic state and says that to beat the Dark Gundam he must destroy the core which is Rain.