frets on fire mods rock band 2

Patch mediafire download: m/?t45zmkdmyoy ugo's full installer : m/es/?deuoeis1X, new since.016: Rewrote fail detection logic in n function to not be hardcoded for 2 players, to be compatible with future expansion.
Retextured all guitar/bass and easy cd dvd burner for windows 8 drum notes.
important: Renamed all files and folders and code references to lowercase (except FretsOnFire.16, 2008 - Rock Band Live 2008 Tour 01 Cab - One of Those Nights Dashboard Confessional - Hands Down Panic At the Disco - Shes a Handsome Woman Plain White Ts - Natural Disaster Sept.Wav to optional crowdcheers.Version.017 "Fail Detection Fix" - (10/16/2008, 4:00pm PST) - (SVN rev 39 / tag.017).I will slowly update my documentation to cover Career Mode later.Fixed broken animations (PS.0) v2 -New menus(extras, achievements, instrument selection) -Improved most of the old menus.Translation update to Alexfighter's Spanish.5 from 25th September 2008 Translation update to BlackJack's French (Reform 1990).85, Pig Latin.85, English Reversed.0 Translation update to x-driver's German.-09-18 Added background auto-scaling logic to Game Results screen (neck select background already scales automatically) Compressed.Txt to explain "Encoding UTF-8" and "Encoding Latin" accent / tilde handling modes Added "Party Mode" to the Multiplayer sub-menu Removed "Party Mode" and "No Player 2" from 2p part select menu Changed Solo Review text from greenish-blue to white for visibility Fixed stage rotation.We needed a common naming convention, it was chaos before with capital letters tossed in wherever.FoFiX, and all further development is occurring under the name "FoFiX." (This change occurred in October 2008.Overwrite all the files/folders.Several changes to texts size and positioning.Replaced RbMFH theme's g with Slash666 's fixed image Replaced RbMFH theme's g with BlackJack's fixed image Added Blazingamer's font shadowing to songlist (only applies to GH2 GH3 themes, RB themes unaffected) Added Blazingamer's font shadowing to gameplay (this also results in the Rock Band.Decompress into a folder of your choice.

Please ensure that your test song exhibits the same problem, if not you need to include more surrounding notes.(These files do not change case: FretsOnFire.Added worldrave's GH3 i customization settings to the patch Replaced GH3 theme g and g with latest versions from worldrave Integrated changes from wolferacing's.936 hotfix -Added to Help-Manual.We needed a common sound file format, and this reduces space taken (they all load into memory at startup anyway).V2.1 -New menus(serverlist, network lobby) -New animated loading screen.Lit - My Own Worst Enemy.Wav" in p_025's RB ripped SFX - plays nothing if absent) Added optional support for a random selection of 10 "Accept / action" SFX accept1.wav" - "accept10.wav" from "rb conf01.wav" - "rb conf10.wav" in p_025's RB ripped SFX - either all required or none) instead.The first time you attempt to play you will be prompted to find your "songs" folder.L7 - Pretend Were Dead, linkin Park - One Step Closer.Bonus." Replaced "99pct2.ogg" with a sound clip from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure - "Excellent!