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Sean Clark also worked on Loom and The Dig.
They wrote that Escape from Monkey Island is "a lot of fun and is strongly recommended to fans, but it's a few jokes and puzzles short of being 2012 switchback assault 800 a classic like the other games in the series." 35 The editors of Computer Games Magazine nominated.Ozzie uses the Ultimate Insult to take control of LeChuck's statue form and engages Guybrush's monkey robot in Monkey Kombat."Escape from Monkey Island for PC".Game Informer (93 128.Escape from Monkey Island.Publisher : LucasArts, developer : LucasArts, save game status : 100 Complete.
Here is Save game for Escape from Monkey Island.

Larry the O personal files, by permission Norands, Alec."Escape from Monkey Island".Elaine Marley after their honeymoon, to find her erroneously declared dead, and her office of governor up for election."Escape from Monkey Island Critic Reviews for PC".He reactivates the Mecha and powers it and Herman and the island's monkeys join him in piloting.The game is controlled entirely with the keyboard or alternatively with a joystick, making it the only non- point-and-click game in the, monkey Island series.
4 The voice cast saw the return of Dominic Armato as Guybrush, Earl Boen as LeChuck, Leilani Jones Wilmore as the Voodoo Lady and Denny Delk as Murray.