create procedure in pl sql syntax

The value of the parameter can not be overwritten by the procedure or function.
Syntax create_procedure: Description of the illustration create_f invoker_rights_clause : Description of the illustration invoker_rights_f call_spec : Description of the illustration call_f, java_declaration: Description of the illustration Java_f.IN OUT : Both IN OUT parameter referring to the procedure or function to pass both IN OUT parameter, modify/update by the function or procedure and also get returned.To create a procedure in your own schema, you must have the create procedure system privilege.Syntax, the syntax to create a procedure in Oracle is: create OR replace procedure procedure_name (parameter,parameter).AS external In earlier releases, the AS external clause was an alternative way of declaring a C method.The following is a simple example of a procedure: create OR replace Procedure UpdateCourse ( name_in 2010 space odyssey hal quotes IN varchar2 ).OUT - The parameter can not be referenced by the procedure or function, but the value of the parameter can be overwritten by the procedure or function.Specify OR replace to re-create the procedure if it already exists.Authid current_user, specify current_user to indicate that the procedure executes with the privileges of current_user.IN OUT Specify IN OUT to indicate that you must supply a value for the argument when calling the procedure and that the procedure passes a value back to its calling environment after execution.A call specification (sometimes called call spec) declares a Java method or a third-generation language (3GL) routine so that it can be called from SQL and PL/SQL.
Default expr Use this clause to specify a default value for the argument.
OUT : OUT parameter referring to the procedure or function and allow to overwritten the value of parameter.

When you specify nocopy, assignments made to a package variable may show immediately in this parameter, or assignments made to this parameter may show immediately in a package variable, if the package variable is passed as the actual assignment corresponding to this parameter.The procedure will lookup the course_number based on course name.It has one parameter called name_in.IS AS Clause Use the appropriate part of this clause to declare the procedure.Users who had previously been granted privileges on a redefined procedure can still access the procedure without being regranted the privileges.Datatypes cannot specify length, precision, or scale.We have emp1 table having employee information, EMP_NO, eMP_name, eMP_dept, eMP_salary.
SQL edit pro, declare temp emp1rowtype; no number : no; begin pro1(no, temp dbms_output.