clash of clans new update may 2015

(May 22nd, 2017) Welcome to our builder base!
Now we have seen the first official answer from Supercell where they want to take the events.
Dragon levels 4-6 damage increased.E.K.K.A levels 3-5 damage increased The challenging task of getting these high-level power-hitters to your prize target will be all the sweeter with these damage buffs!
In front of the first Barbarian you see something like a skull, but it can also be a random thing that the splashing water creates.NEW : Freeze Spell level high graphics cricket game 6 (Town Hall 11).Of course we can always do better and we will continue to improve this matchmaking very often.I was surprised as well, but this is just a small update to fix bugs glitches that more than 99 of us didnt even hear about (and even less were affected by).There are more than 20 million views on the official teaser on (so much for the topic rumors Clash of Clans is dead).Unfortunately, it still says that Sneak Peeks wont be this week: Also, in case you havent watched Clash with Ashs latest video discussing some update stuff, (I recommend you watch) theres no big news in it, but it is very entertaining.Read more g 265 712 Jordan Rash g Jordan Rash 17:05:38 01:46:17Clash of Clans Update - Clan War Rebalancing.The most important thing Ive seen is the purple thing the Goblin is standing on that I can absolutely not tell what.I just hope my hearth hold up and I wont get a heart attack!We will do our best to help you understand this new update, so stay tuned.Spell level 3 now available at Town Hall.The reason why is simply because Supercell ruled out bringing new game-related buffs to higher Clan Perks (they admitted that the ones right now are already too powerful donating resources to others is also extremely unlikely as they once said they would never implement something.

Let the show begin, were ready for it Broken Boat In Your Village (May 3rd, 2017) You have to admit that Supercell always has a sense of humor.Its very unlikely that this is a photoshop fake since the artwork is very professional and Supercell-like.Click here, note: Due to many requests I switched the order from the bottom (old) to top (most recent).Wall Breaker upgrade time or costs have been discounted across ALL levels.Hog Rider levels 6-7 hitpoints have been increased.Unsurprisingly, the last teaser also doesnt show (or hint) anything what the new update will bring to us, despite that it will be a new land (what we already know).Say we put in a restriction, could the restrictions be balanced to be somewhat more lenient?In the meantime, learn about the balancing update for your home village that will go live at the same time as the BIG update! .
I really appreciate your effort to contribute, but the reason I wasnt posting them so far was that they are not real.
Seems like all rumors around daily videos for this week have been wrong.