chevrolet tracker awd 2000 2.0 a/t

And although there are many appetizing choices in this class, Chevrolet is hoping your tastes will remain American.
The more open tire tread pattern on our four-wheel-drive truck may have lowered braking and lateral grip.
With its truck frame, mud-and-snow tires, eight inches of ground clearance, and two-speed transfer case featuring a low creeper gear, the Tracker's up for the rough stuff.Chevy designers penned a smoothly sculpted modem shape to replace the crude, blocky body of the original Tracker hardtop, which was unveiled in 1996.We will also track your recent search history and vehicles that you've viewed so you can easily find that one that caught your eye yesterday or solidworks bolt tutorial and nut with link even a couple weeks ago.We rated the performance of the old.6-liter convertible Tracker (95 hp pulling 2600 pounds) as just adequate.Changes in exterior dimensions are mostly minor except for.1-inch increase in width.Even with autodesk 3ds max 2011 trial version an automatic, though, the Tracker is quicker than a manual Kia Sportage (the snail of this class but it's at least a second off the pace set by the last similarly equipped Honda CR-V we tested, which had an engine with 20 less.Chevrolet, tracker, chevrolet Tracker for sale By Year.But that's a bare-bones Tracker-no power anything and no air conditioning.2.0-liter dohc four is standard in the hard-tops.Have you driven a 2000 Chevrolet Tracker?The base price of a hardtop Tracker is 15,195.Email has been sent!Well, for starters, it looks better.Zip, comments subscribe to inventory alert emails, dailyTwice A WeekWeekly.Off-road, things are much better.In town, though, its compact dimensions and tight turning circle make the Tracker a nimble errand runner.
Remember when Kentucky Fried Chicken suddenly became KFC after was determined that "fried" was losing its appeal as an appetizing buzzword?
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Get to Know Us, buy or Sell.The generally good-looking cabin feels airy and has legible instruments and user-friendly ergonomics.It is our goal to offer the millions of shoppers on m the most efficient solution to connect buyers with new or used cars for sale.When that seat is folded for hauling, though, the Tracker's 35-cube capacity is 11 less than last year's.Even wearing new, larger front rotors and pads, our '99 Tracker required 30 more feet than the Honda to stop from 70 mph (both disc-and-drum setups had ABS).So, has the chicken changed or just the name on the outside of the bucket?The Tracker goes when the light turns green but pleads for mercy when pushed above 55 mph.So a 17,295 Tracker sounds like a better idea than a 20,165 CR-V or a 21,290 Subaru Forester-at first.