cheat trainer bully scholarship edition 1.154

Dunce cap: Fail three classes in a row.
Numpad3 -single attack opponent neutralizes, numpad4 -zero level Chase, numpad5 -unlimited ammo.
Here are words that can be created from those letters: Age, Are, Dag, Ear, Egg, Era, Erg, Gad, Gag, Rag, Red, fifa street 2 iso hunt Aged, Dare, Dear, Drag, Dreg, Egad, Gage, Gear, Grad, Rage, Read, Agger, Grade, Raged, Dagger, Ragged.
Black cowboy hat: Give a homeless man spare change in Bullworth.Go to the right-hand side of the dorm, and repeatedly kick the ball against the wall.Smell Ya Later (25 points Hit people with stink bombs 50 times.Unzip the contents of the archive, run the trainer, and then the game.Defeating Rustle Throw a few fire crackers at him, then get up close and start punching him.Graduation hat: Successfully complete all five levels in all of your classes.During the "Help Gary" mission, make your way to the boiler room.For unpacking files we recommend using a free software - 7-Zip.Greaser Jacket: Successfully complete Chapter.Faster pointer movement in Biology class Use the Left Analog-stick and Right Analog-stick together to make the pointer move faster, thus giving you more time to complete the assignment.Werewolf mask: Found in a school locker after picking the lock.BMX Champion costume: Successfully complete a bike race.Easy Lola's Race Before you start the "Lola's Race" mission, get a motorized bike.Please, log In using your linked m account, facebook.
Here are words that can be created from those letters: Ell, Elm, Low, Mel, Mew, Mol, Mow, Ole, Owe, Owl, Lowe, Meow, Mewl, Mole, Moll, Well, Mellow.
To prevent this, push over as many opponents as you can until there is only one person standing.

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Later in the game when you unlock the "Preppie" part of town, go to the asylum.This works for almost all staff - just run and taunt.Little Angel (20 points Complete 20 Errand Missions.Red Ninja costume: Successfully complete the Big Prank task during Halloween at Bullworth Academy.Note: This will not appear on the stats screen.Do this until he is defeated.Sharp Dressed Man (25 points Collect 250 clothing items.Picture of Pinky: Successfully complete the "Carnival Date" mission in Chapter.
Black White Read All Over (20 points Complete All Paper Route Missions.