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Natsu tries to resume their match at the guild the next day, but she defeats him with a single punch.
Lucy helps Natsu by summoning Sagittarius, the only celestial spirit currently in her possession, who is able to start a fire by shooting an arrow at a set of machinery, allowing Natsu to feed and candid crush saga game for pc continue fighting.44 "Thunder Palace" "Kaminari Den" August 30, 2010 October 23, 2012 26 Erza battles and defeats Evergreen of the Raijinshuu team, returning the other girls to normal.Natsu and Happy rescue Lucy again and expose Salamander as an imposter known as Bora.When the villagers do not change from their demonic forms, Erza explains that the villagers were demons all along, and that the curse affected their memories.Sug for the remainder of the season.The five go on a forbidden S-Class mission with Gray and Erza to save Galuna Island and fight Gray's rival Lyon Vastia.Watashi" "I'm Sorry performed by Shiho Nanba, 9 and "Kimi ga Iru Kara" "Because You Are Here by Mikuni Shimokawa.10:00p Fairy Tail 43 (P) -Episode 43 - Defeat Your Friends to Save Your Friends "Funimation Week 44 of 2012 (Mon -Sun.In retaliation, Laxus surrounds the entire town with Thunder Palace, a cluster of lightning-infused lacrima orbs that threaten to destroy the town, and damage anyone who attacks them.Natsu follows the Vulcan to its cave, but is thrown outside into a crevice.However, Makarov refuses upon hearing the destruction caused by Natsu and his friends on their latest mission.To their guildmates' shock, Erza recruits Natsu and Gray to help her stop the dark guild Eisenwald from retrieving Lullaby, a demon flute that kills all who hear its music.Although Ur remains alive in this form, she has Gray tell Lyon that she has died in the hopes that he will not spend his life trying to return her to normal, sparking Lyon's resentment against Gray.38 building games for pc full version "Destiny" "Desutin" July 19, 2010 September 11, 2012 20 Sho is attacked by Ikuruga, the leader of Trinity Raven, but her attacks release Erza from her card prison.
Natsu becomes infuriated with Jellal at the sight of Erza crying over Simon's death and eats a chunk of lacrima containing Etherion, which greatly increases his physical and magical power, allowing him to defeat Jellal and destroy the tower.
Enraged, Gray defeats Lyon, but fails to stop the Moon Drip from resurrecting Deliora.

Episode 01 (in Japanese).36 "Heaven's Game" "Rakuen Gmu" July 5, 2010 August 28, 2012 18 Following the revolt against Jellal, it is revealed that two of his "comrades" have turned on Erza.Meanwhile, Fukuro devours Natsu to gain his powers but is defeated by Gray, while Siegrain reveals Jellal's plan to resurrect Zeref to gain the Magic Council's support in firing Etherion.Initially, Makarov ignores the attack to maintain the law of neutrality among guilds.39 "Give Our Prayers to the Sacred Light" "Seinaru Hikari ni Inori o" July 26, 2010 September 18, 2012 21 Erza confronts Jellal with the fact that the Tower of Heaven cannot be completed without a massive amount of magic energy, leading Jellal to seemingly.However, Cana is defeated by Freed, as is Elfman.