cbse class 10 science lab manual

Practical File (06) Must have minimum 20 programs from the following topics Arrays (One dimensional and two dimensional, sorting, searching, merging, deletion insertion of elements) Class(es) and objects Stacks using arrays and linked implementation Queue using arrays linked implementation (circular also).
Project content.1 Project for class XI can be selected from the topics mentioned in the syllabus or domains on similar lines.
Binary-valued Quantities, Boolean Variable, Boolean Constant and Boolean Operators: AND, OR, NOT; Truth Tables; Closure Property, Commutative Law, Associative Law, Identity law, Inverse Law, Principle of Duality, Idempotent Law, Distributive Law, Absorption Law, Involution Law, DeMorgans Law and their applications; Obtaining Sum of Product (SOP).Important highlights of cbse Class 12 Computer Science Syllabus 2017-18 are given below.Object oriented programming IN C.(The project is required to be developed in a group of 2-4 students) Presentation on the computer Project report (Listing, Sample, Outputs, Documentation) Viva.Project Work (05) The project has to be developed in C language with Object Oriented Technology and also should have use of Data files.Mobile Telecommunication Technologies: 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G; Mobile processors; Electronic mail protocols such as smtp, POP3 Protocols for Chat and Video Conferencing voip Wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi and WiMax Network Security Concepts: Threats and prevention from Viruses, Worms, Trojan horse, Spams Use.Refer to unit 4 mentioned in case of Python for further details.2.4 The assessment would be through the project demonstration and the Project Report, which should portray Programming Style, Structured Design, Good documentation of the code to ensure readability and ease of maintenance.
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Laboratory Manual in Science for Class IX is an exercise to familiarise pupil with the general facilities, equipment, measuring instruments, chemicals and glassware, specimen available in a school science laboratory. .Project content.1 Project for class XI can be selected from the topics mentioned in the syllabus or domains on the similar lines.2 Project for class XII should ensure the coverage of following areas of curriculum: Flow of control Data Structure Object Oriented Programming.The experiments and project work suggested at the secondary stage intend to develop basic skills of measurement; handling of some common measuring instruments, equipment and chemicals; setting simple apparatus; handling microscope and preparing slides; making observations; collecting data and presenting it in appropriate format; interpreting and drawing conclusions; and preparation.Class 12 (Practical) - C Duration: 3 Hours Total Marks:.It is believed that such questions will be helpful in inculcating scientific temper and attitude among students.Marks are allotted on the basis of following: Logic: 6 Marks Documentation/Indentation: 2 Marks Output presentation: 2 Marks Note: The types of problems to be given will be of application type developed using classes from the following topics String Lists/Tuples Dictionary File Operations.Introduction To Web services: WWW, Hyper Text Markup Language (html Extensible Markup Language (XML Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (http Domain Names; URL; Website, Web browser, Web Servers; Web Hosting, Web Scripting Client side (VB Script, Java Script, PHP) and Server side (ASP, JSP, PHP Web.
H; ifstream, ofstream, classes; Opening a text file inin, out, and app modes; Using cascading operators (, ) for writing text to the file and reading text from the file; open get read put write getline and close functions; Detecting end-of-file (with or without using.