bmw 318i e46 workshop manual

This analog valve regulates the pressure in the crankcase and separates out any oil vapors that may have tagged along, which drips down a third hose to the dipstick (this is the hose that most commonly fails).
See this excellent e39 Oil Filter Housing Gasket and Freeze plug DIY for a discussion and illustrations.Follow the instructions on the little flap on the e-tank neck: check level on a cold engine, and make sure the top of the filler neck is between the two lumps on the float stick.Defects which prevent automotive lighting from meeting fmvss 108 are subject to recall for a period of at least ten years, and frequently much longer due to liability issues see m/ for details on the applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Lighting Standard.If the company goes bankrupt, you will probably lose your money.The following E46/BMW components can be considered highly dependable (Least likely to cause issues Engine Manual transmission and differentials Interior materials and furnishings (instrumentation, lighting, radio headunits, etc) Body panels/glass/paint/rust resistance The following components are reasonably dependable but do occasionally suffer from minor or seemingly.Without question, you will save a significant sum of money by performing your own simple repairs and routine maintenance; meanwhile, paying dealership/shop prices for window regulator repairs and blower resistor pack replacements will make it difficult to justify the cost of ownership.M has an excellent write-up here (note: this how-to is for E46s with automatic transmissions; the instructions are identical for a manual transmission except for the radiator fan removal, which is more involved on an automatic).Oil light (yellow or red) illuminates during driving or after shutting the car off?For those of you who can count, that's six speakers shared between the two front db2 command line editor doors to handle the front stereo image.It's designed to prevent shock to the transmission if the clutch is dropped.Has a similar one with additional photos here.

Rubbing occurs under suspension compression when carving canyons and driving enthusiastically.BMW used an inferior material for the seal support o-rings and it is known to degrade considerably in as little as 40,000 miles, negatively affecting low end torque and engine smoothness in general.The sunroof will sometimes fail to operate in the heat on older models.The external crossover is a box full of electronics that connects to a single amplifier channel, and the two (or three) individual speakers connect to the crossover.Interior What is the sensor/light by my headlight switch?Front control arm bushings - tend to fail after 40-60k miles.
This can make it seem like you've solved the problem, when the problem actually lies within the wiring connections-it is very likely to return.) Second, examine your tail lamp wiring connectors for evidence of internal overheating.
The goal is to point the light in the direction the car is traveling.