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Teru states that his beyblade will defeat Gingka as he is his "supporter" confusing Gingka, Teru mentions that there is a tournament the nes game hp china next day and that is where they shall battle and Gingka will Lose.
Both have a relative with the target women's plus size swimwear Phoenix Leo Constellation Motif: Gingka's father, Ryo, Gingka's rival, Kyoya and Seiya's friend and half-brother, Ikki, and Seiya's opponent at Leo Temple, Leo Aiolia.
It references the Metal Saga Beyblade's Fusion Wheel/Metal Wheel.
Broken Blade 3: Scars from an Assassin's Blade Third Break Blade movie.With help from Kyoya's old friends, Nile and Demure, they learn that the blader they are looking for guards Mist Mountain also known as the "Mountain of No Return".He tells how Ryuga stole L-Drago and battled his father in order to escape with it; and in the process kills Gingka's father Ryo Hagane.After defeating nearly everyone Gingka and Masamune are challenged by Sophie and Wales because rar file pc games Yu forces his way into the match Julian reveals himself and decides to battle as well.Not Soon after the devious Tetsuya in attempts to steal Gingka's beypoints disguises himself as a world famous top researcher named Nigel Crabcakes, not knowing anything Gingka and Madoka let him see his beypointer and launcher.Then, Kenta pops in and tells them that he decided to root for them in the finals tournament.Ben-To Sato Yo is a high school boy who likes sega games.Due to Ichika's, Shinobu 's, Jack 's seiyu, Kouki Uchiyama is also voiced Kite Tenjo from Yu-Gi-Oh!He sees a bey and tried to get Pegasus to battle.Bleach The Movie 1: Memories of Nobody In Karakura Town, there has been a sudden outbreak of unidentifiable spirits called "blanks" (vacant souls) while in the skies of Soul Society, the real world has been reflected.
Phoenix states that is the will power Gingka needs to succeed.
Gingka then commands Pegasus to use its special move Starblast Attack.

Gingka also have some similarities with Infinite Stratos main character, Ichika Orimura, Both have Pegasus themed and attack-type power Both have get their power accidentally.Both have a rival who's signature color is green, who's main goal is to surpass them and has been an enermy when they first met: Gingka's friend Kyoya to prove who's the number 1 blader, and Sonic's friend Jet to prove who's the fastest thing.Best Student Council Randou Rino is a young girl with a head full of air and a talking puppet on her hand.Broken Blade 4: Area of Disaster Fourth Break Blade Movie.Gingka uses his true strength and uses a move similar to Kyoya's Lion Gale Force Wall to extinguish Fireblaze's flame which surprises Phoenix as his attacks are being evaded.Gingka is the first to battle against one of them named Nowaguma where Gingka tries to use his special move but cannot due to the roof on the stadium, though Gingka is able to win easily anyway.They encounter a new foe in the process named Tobio Oike nicknamed Captain Capri with his beyblade Storm Capricorn who appeared as a strong foe with his beyblade being able to jump around the arena making it tough to attack; but soon Kyoya gets.Beyond the Boundary: Daybreak Bundled with seventh Blu-ray/DVD volume of Kyoukai no Kanata.Gingka says that him and his friends have an opportunity to defeat all of the Dark Nebula Bladers in one round and should attempt to due.Gingka remained in Japan and lived a normal life until Hyoma and Madoka tell him the legend of a new Pegasus, Galaxy Pegasus.
Gingka does not care and instead commands Pegasus.