battery life calculator excel

Enter 24, if continuously powered.
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Generally, battery life is calculated based on the current rating in milli Ampere per Hour and mpcstar 5.2 media player it is abbreviated as mAh.Sep,180.84 bitdefender total security 2013 keygen 9,158.67 7,401.39 1,757.27 958,423.56.8.25.Average current draw from all sensors when temporarly powered for T seconds before taking F samples over a 24 hour period: Is(av) Is F/24 T/3600 Is(av) (Ps*N/V F/24 T/3600 Total Average Current, I(av I(av) Is I(log I(av) Ps*N/V F/24 T/3600) Pl/V, Battery Life (hours) E(mAh.Jul,655.16 9,158.67 7,428.18 1,730.49 961,924.67.2.25.Jun,289.67 9,158.67 7,093.90 2,064.77 918, per day number of Sensors, N, result: Energy usage per day, Ed (mAh/day).For example, four.5V AA batteries in parallel will have a voltage output.5V and have 8000mA of energy.If batteries are connected in series, their voltage is multiplied by the number of cells in series, but their mAh at the higher voltage is the same.
Battery Capacity (mAh device Consumption (mA).7 estimated Hours *The factor.7 makes allowances for external factors which can affect battery life.