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Name assumed by a heretical sect which in 1410-11 was cited before.
Myndus A titular see of Caria, suffragan of Stauropolis.
Macarius's dignity seems to have been a purely honorary one, for.
Mint, Papal The right to coin money being a sovereign prerogative, there can be no papal coins of earlier.MacNeven, William James Distinguished Irish-American physician and medical educator,.Menas, Saint Martyr under Diocletian, about 295.Retrieved August 31, 2014.The present city of Meissen, situated in the Kingdom.Martinov, John Born 7 October, 1821; died 26 crack for pc tools registry mechanic April, 1894.Majunke, Paul Catholic journalist, born at Gross-Schmograu driverpack solution 2012 full version in Silesia, 14 July, 1842; died at Hochkirch near.

Mass, Sacrifice of the The word Mass ( missa ) first established itself as the general designation for the.Moriarty, David Bishop and pulpit orator,.Montesqieu, Charles-Louis de Secondat, Baron de French writer oracle 11g r2 pdf and publicist,.Methodius I Patriarch of Constantinople (842-846 defender of images during the second Iconoclast.McGee, Thomas D'Arcy An editor, politician, and poet, born at Carlingford,.This name and the modern name (Midieh) are.Police claimed the incident began as a fight among African-American youths that was not racially motivated.Maldonado, Juan (maldonatus) A theologian and exegete,.Mino di Giovanni (Called DA fiesole.) Born 1431; died 1484.