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True, it's not exactly "anachronistic but more "nostalgic" and "intimately associated with internet manager 6.07 serial number for windows 7 its era." Sam in Benny Joon is first seen on a train reading a book entitled "How to Dress Like Buster Keaton".
Plot, many years ago, an extraterrestrial artificial intelligence known as the Omnic invaded Earth, leading to war on a global scale as robots across the globe became somewhat sentient, rose up and started attacking humans.
The DCU : The Shade and the Gentleman Ghost are both supervillains who dress in old fashioned finery.Pharah fires a salvo of smaller rockets from her suit treme season 1 episode 3 and rain down death in a wide area.As all of Overwatch became embroiled in scandal, McCree decided to head out on his own, rather than get involved in Blackwatch's schemes for the struggling organization.Reinhardt, a highly decorated German soldier, was inducted as part of the original Overwatch strike team that put an end to the original Omnic war.The Speedwagon 15 belt is built for performance and dependability.Notably, Velma is the only one who's never changed from her orange sweater/red pleated skirt/orange knee socks/red strap-on shoes combo.The recurring hacker is the only character wearing a futuristic outfit up to Season.Outdated Outfit in everyday life.Roadhog left Australia with Junkrat to embark on a global crime spree.
With a few exceptions, the Rogues Gallery never strayed far from their sartorial roots.
The major point of uniform customization in Star Trek Online (assuming you're willing to spend real money).

At one point, Kramer's regular clothes, while still casual, made it appear to office employees that he was working with them in an office with 90s formal business wear.Hanamura Temple of Anubis Volskaya Industries Escort The attacking team must escort a payload on a fixed track to its destination by being the only team to stand near it, while the defending team must stop them before the round timer expires.As a result, they tend to wear incredibly inappropriate clothing everywhere, usually just for fun, with Barbara usually preferring alien clothing and Ian historical clothing.I look incredible!" Pro Wrestling Los Romanos of cmll, Méssala and Calígula, took the soldier thing a little too literally and missed it by a good fifteen centuries as well.They respectively de-age and age rapidly, and so need clothing that's easy to adjust when their body changes (though Souichi goes as far as to wear an appropriate decoration over his ear, so perhaps fashion is a slight factor there as well).It's more subtle than some of the other examples on this page, but he consistently dresses in 1940s style, complete with Royal Air Force greatcoat and suspenders.The wizarding world in the Harry Potter films has some of this, though somewhat less than the books.